I can't sent mail with horde

  • Answered
Hodre has been upgraded since the last time i logged in (1 week ago). I wrote an email and I tried to send it but a message popped up "There was an error sending your message: Verification failed for [email protected]". I don't know why it writes "dolcev6" it should be "[email protected]". "dolcev6" it my username. What can I do?

Judging by the error message it appears you are trying to send an email from the cpanel account. This should never be used to send emails as the email account does not actually exist.

Some receiving servers do a check to ensure the sending email address is real. When it checks for your cpanel user account, it does not find one. It then responds to our servers as a 'sender verify fail' error, meaning it cannot find an email address by that name. The cPanel user account is simply there for an administrative viewpoint.

To send emails, you may want to create an [email protected] email or some other name and send them out from there.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M