Problem with NEW Horde interface

  • Answered
The NEW Horde is difficult to use. I cannot move an email into one of my already-created folders. Have tried everything. There is simply NO option for "move" an email to a folder, like there used to be. Also, do not like the checkmark appearing automatically when you click on an email. It is too easy to accidentally delete. It is also slower, overall.

Sorry to hear about your problems with the Horde email client. Please understand that these email clients are not something we develop, but are provided as a free solution. There are 2 other web mail clients you are welcome to use: Roundcube and SquirrelMail.

I created a test account and tested the interface to see what you were referring to. I was able to select emails, then click and drag them into pre-made folders. That looked to be the only way to move them.

The selection option only puts a check on the email if you have selected it. If you hover over an email and don't click on it, the checkmark appears, but it does not mark the email unless you click on it.

I hope this helps to explain the issue. I did not notice any particular lag with the performance of the email client, but I also do not have an account with more than 5 emails in it so that I can try to stress it.

Apologies again for the problems you may been encountering. I hope the info I have provided helps to resolve the moving emails issue, at least. Beyond that, we would need more information or at least login info in order to determine if a problem exists with the email client. You can also access the other free webmail clients.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or require further aid.

Arnel C.