Plugin updates don't stick - next day have to update the same plugin

  • Answered
Wordpress, from the back end of my sites i click the recycle arrows to update all plugins that have new versions. updates complete. i go VIEW SITE to make sure can see site and no recycle arrow is showing for more updates. the next day i'm doing my normal work and visit my sites and i see the recycle arrow but it's asking me to update the same plugin i just did the day before. i have 40 sites and for the first 100 times this happened i figured i just wasn't paying attention/missed a site. i'm positive of this now! some plugin updates i did and the next day i have to update the same plugin. any idea what's going on?


Updates to various plugins and the WordPress core have been occurring very frequently recently, sometimes even several times a day with some plugins. Be sure to check the version number of the plugin or WordPress core as it is probably a minor update that is being applied. When reporting that an update is complete, WordPress fully checks the version of the files to ensure that it is accurate, so if it is reporting that a plugin is updated, then later it says that a new update is available, it would just be due to another minor update that has been released.