Pointing a new domain at a site I built in directory outside of root

  • Answered
I built a site for a friend on my server at InMotion. My original plan was to move it to Network Solutions where they purchased the domain. However, they haven't purchased hosting yet and when I asked them to, they asked if I can host it for them. I am on the Power Plan and see that I can add up to 6 websites to my plan. I currently only have knssandbox.com pointed to the root. How would I go about pointing a new domain at knssandbox.com/newebsite and ensure that 404 pages don't resolve at knssandbox.com? Do I need to start over and set up the domain within my account first and then re-install the site or can I simply point the domain to my server, set up the domain in my account to point to that directory and then perhaps run a search and replace script on the directory to ensure all links are no longer using knssandbox.com?

To do so, you would just create a new addon domain for the new domain that you are trying to add. From there, if you already have the site in its own folder, you can either copy the files over, or you can set the addon domain to use that folder.