Receving Other People's Mail

  • Answered
I got an e mail from one of my users that he is receiving his son;s emails when he wasnt not even included. He send me a sample, and in the Send or CC box, he was not included. What should we do?
Hello, and thanks for your question. This would be a really hard problem to troubleshoot without seeing the messages. Is he receiving a copy of every single email, or just a select few? Do they have email accounts on the same domain name, or completely separate ones? Both email addresses should be listed somewhere in the email headers, unless the messages are using a BBC or Blind Carbon Copy. Do the messages show up when accessing webmail in a web browser? I wonder if it's possible that his son's account has been added to his email client and so messages are showing for that email account as well as his own. Please let us know if you have any further details that would help us troubleshoot this. - Jacob