how to make domain addon mask ip address?

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My package supports 5 websites, i completed my main website, and started on a 2nd one. I started the 2nd one before I had money to purchase a domain name for it, so it was given an IP address/directory url.

Now I have purchased a 2nd domain name, pointed it to imh nameservers, and setup an "Addon domain" in my cpanel. when I type in the, it directs to where I want it to, but the URL defaults back to the IP address once it directs. How do I make it so that the stays in the address bar?
Hello, and thanks for your question. It looks like while you were testing your site out with the temporary URL, prior to purchasing a domain name to use for your site. That you needed to make a modification to your CMS in order to get your site to work with that temp URL: /conf/_basic_config.php
//$baseurl = 'http://[IP_ADDRESS]/~userna5/addonDomain/';

$baseurl = '';
As you can see if you take a look at your website now, it should be working with the domain. That's because I commented out the temp URL setup that you had with //, and instead set your $baseurl variable to just be your domain name. For future reference you can also modify your hosts file and force your computer to resolve a domain name to a specific IP address during development. This can make development easier in some cases, since you don't need to modify your CMS at all to work properly over a temp URL. Please let us know if you ran into any other issues, or had any other questions at all! - Jacob