I can not enter in AMP, it says account not created

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I can not enter in AMP, it says " Account not yet activated"
Hello cschen, Our Onboardign team strives to reach out within 30 minutes of account set up in order to verify it. If they are unable to make contact for some reason (no answer on phone, timezone differences, etc) they will send an email. For each day thereafter, if the account has not yet been set up, they will send an additional email with instructions. If for some reason you are not getting the email/phone call, you may reach out to the team directly at your convenience. They are here 24/7. Kindest Regards, Scott M
Helli Julio,

If your account was set up properly, then you will have received an email that would guide you through the login. If you're still having problems then your best course of action is to contact live technical support via phone/email/chat. They would be able to determine what's happening to your account immediately and help you log in. Contact info is at the bottom of the page.