Site rowing enormously since a week

  • Answered

Since the past week, our accommodation meets big slowdowns.
The access time is around 20s! instead of 5 to 7s as normal.

It 'there was no big change on our side. However, there were some maintenance on your server.

We turn on Prestashop

Can you help us and solve this problems?

Sorry for the bad English, we are in France.

From taking a look at your site, it looks like the issues you are experiencing are directly related to how your theme is developed. I am seeing that your theme is developed in a way in which all elements must be loaded before the page is built, which is extending the time that it takes the user to see an initial response on the page. In addition to this, there are several 404 errors as well which causes things to be further delayed. You are able to see this on the Timeline tab of the GTMetrix report I have run on your site. To resolve these issues, I recommend speaking with the developer of your theme as it does appear to be directly related to the theme that you are using.