Article manager does not show article text - toggle editor not working

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Joomla vers 2.5.6 : when I go into article manager and click on Edit Article. I can't see any article text. I unlocked/checked-in all articles, tried to click on toggle editor button to no avail.


Thanks for the question and sorry to hear about he problem you're having. In researching the issue, it appears that you might have some caching issues. Try to clear the browser cache and then close and reopen the browser to see if that doesn't resolve the issue. Without any account information or login information for your Joomla install, it's difficult for us to isolate the possible problem. If you wish for us to continue researching the issue please provide a URL, or more detail on how you have installed Joomla. Did you install any plugins? Did the editor work at one point? Any information that may help to isolate the issue would help. Please start with clearing the cache and restarting your browser to see if that doesn't help first.

Arnel C.