Outgoing Mail marked as Spam when using Eudora

  • Answered
When I use Eudora to send a mail, "sometimes" I receive the following error:
There has been an error transfering your mail. I said: . and then the SMTP server (mail.globalinfo.com.mx) said: 550 information, please see https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/everything-email/550-spam-message.
But I can send exactly the same message from http://webmail.MYDOMAIN.com.mx and works ok, I do not receive any error.
BTWm when I check the refered html page, it does not mention Eudora, only Outlook and I can not solve my problem.
Please help, I like using Eudora, but then I need to use Eudora for receiving, and Webmail for sending "sometimes".
Thank you
Ricardo Suárez
As the exact same message works in webmail, it sounds like you do not have Eudora configured to authenticate outgoing mail which would cause this issue. To ensure that Eudora is authenticating outbound mail, click on the Special menu, then click on Settings. Then scroll to the Sending Mail panel and make sure that Allow Authorization is checked.