Can I use my existing account or need a new one?

  • Answered
I want to start a second website. I am currently a customer of Inmotion and am not sure if I can add more websites. In addition, a followup question. My first domain does not have privacy. Anyone is welcome to learn my name. My second domain has privacy. I don't want people to find my name. Does using the same Inmotion account compromise my privacy?
Hello JerryW, Thank you for your question today. the number of websites you can have on your account varies by the account type. You can view that feature on the comparison page here. As you can see, you can have 2, 6, or 25 websites depending on your plan. Domain information is public information. This means that the domain that does not have privacy does indeed show your contact information in a public database. The domain that has privacy does not. This does not have any bearing on whether someone can find your information for your hosting account, however. That information is solely kept in our databases and is not public or web enabled. There is not a method for someone to connect you to both domain names by using the domain contact information. Kindest Regards, Scott M