parked domains to root

  • Answered is the main domain for my account. I have 8 other domains that I want to point to the same document root as 2 of theses domains reside with inmotion, and the other 6 are at godaddy. I have configured DNS setting for all of them to point to and Finally, I added each to this account using the "Parked Domains" option on my account (no redirect set.) Is there anything else I need to do, or just wait for the changes to become active? I want all of the domains to display the same thing as

Thank you for your question. If you have the domains pointing to our name servers and then have each domain on you wish to redirect to the root set in the Parked Domain section of your cPanel, then that is all you should need to do.

Please know that it may take 4-24 hours for the DNS information to propagate around the web, particularly when a domain is first added to an account (as a domain, addon, parked, etc)

Kindest Regards,
Scott M