Unsatisfactory spam filter

  • Answered
I have your email service for past 6 months I get 20-100 spam emails form same senders. I blacklisted them, have called and spoken to your support, set spam at #2 or 3 under your guidance and no change. Why have you not used a better filter. I cannot believe most of your customers was penile enhancement, term insurance or garcinoa supplements.
Hello paulmz, Thank you for your question. I definitely understand your frustration, since spam is a global problem, and a pain for everyone. Since this is a public forum, and I have no way of identifying your specific account, I can only answer your questions generally. If you blacklist an email address in SpamAssassin, it should not make it to your inbox. Make sure Spam Assassin is enabled in your cPanel. For a detailed article on why spam can get through to your email, even when SpamAsassin is enabled see our full guide here. We do have a better email filter available, called McAfee, which you can purchase from AMP. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul