Manually installed Prestashop over a Softaculous installation

  • Answered
I installed Prestashop just before version was available in Softaculous.
Then I MANUALLY deleted the installation at /public_html, and uploaded and installed version (I used Cpanel File Manager to do all this mess...)
So now I have a Prestashop installation running, but my Softaculous panel ("Application Installs") shows "Version", and warns that an update is available - to!

How can I update just this info inside Softaculous? I cannot "Remove" the installation, because it will delete my real installation. And I cannot edit the installation info (it returns automatically to the page).

Hello Ricardo, and thanks for your question. To clean up your Softaculous install, what I was able to do was simply delete your hidden .softaculous/ directory on your account by making sure I was showing hidden files in the File Manager. This would make the server once again think that you haven't installed anything with Softaculous previously. Then I simply logged into Softaculous with a now clean slate, then searched for PrestaShop. On that page, instead of installing like you normally would, I just clicked on the Import tab, then imported your manual version, and that's the one you should now see reflected in there. Please let us know if you had any other problems or questions! - Jacob