My website is offline and the SSL isn't working

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My website is offline all of a sudden and I am not able to reload it again. The back end is working however, and I am using Cake PhP based CMS site.

What might be important to know:
I have transferred the primary domain name from an older domain name ( to the newer domain name ( Is this the cause of my problems?

How can this be fixed? Also, I earlier typed in the address in my browser, but with "http" instead of "https", and it seems the http site is still active. But I don't want the unsecured site to show up anywhere. How can I change this?

Many thanks,
It looks like technical support was able to assist you with this issue. If you have any further questions, let us know. We're happy to help.

For anyone else that may come across this, be sure that your SSL certificate is fully installed as well as your software is properly configured to use HTTPS.