Replicate Concrete5 Site for Testing

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How do we copy our existing site to a subdomain for testing?
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Thanks for the question. The basic steps for moving a Concrete5 site can be found in their website documentation here. You will need to know how to import a database with phpMyAdmin. I would also recommend using a FTP client or the cPanel File Manager for moving the files. FTP would be recommended as you have to move quite a few files.

Also, if you are testing, you should be aware that like many other programs of this type, Concrete5 generates the URLs, so if you are going to be testing the site in a subdomain, you may need to use HOSTS file change to temporarily point the domain name to a subdomain or other IP address, otherwise you will need to change the URL or re-install the site with the correct domain name. Changing the HOSTS file is typical web designer/programmer practice so that a website can be tested while it's in a different location. If you intend to use the sub-domain name, then you don't need to make the hosts file change, BUT, as I mentioned earlier, you will be required to make a change to the correct URL,at a later date when you go back to the original domain name. This is discussed in Concrete's documentation here.

Sorry for the somewhat complex answer, but I hope it provides the guidance you need. If you require further assistance, please give us more information on the problem you're having in a comment to this post.


Arnel C.