Moodle, JSON error when uploading a file

  • Answered
I am attempting to upload video and .jpg files to our website. I am getting the following error message.
"Invalid JSON string"
"Request Time-out
Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client."

I notice that the current version of Moodle outlined in the InMotionHosting documentation is not the same version that I am running. Not sure if that has anything to do with my error message.

I have chemistry students relying on these videos and documents.

Thank you.
Hello Cinderella, Sorry to hear about the problem you've been having. This is a duplicate post of the issue from earlier. If you need to add information or have a further comment in the future, please add it as a comment in the original post. We will typically delete duplicate questions. This problem was explored earlier by John Paul - did you try any of the suggestions that were offered to you in his earlier reply? If so, did you get any results? Especially with the debug option on. I actually did look at the issue with him, and the main two things that I suggest you try are the debug and disabling of the mod security option. When I looked at the web server log file, I saw errors related to mod security. This could be related to the problems you're having with uploading the file. Please bear in mind that although we have access to the web server and log files, we do NOT access to the Moodle application as an administrator. Therefore, we can't test the application and see if it's working or not. These replies are public domain, so please do not share login information or other confidential information as they could compromise your site security. If you have tried the suggestions we have given you, please let us know of any results that you have found. We can also check the server logs to see if there have been any changes. Apologies that we can't resolve this immediately, but please provide us more information if you wish for us to continue investigating the issue. Regards, Arnel C.