where are my domains

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I paid yahoo for three domains www.telltem.com; www.telltem.org; www.telltem.net and paid for a 3 year hosting plan for www.telltem.com. I then realised that yahoo was not suitable for hosting and changed to inmotion hosting. However I specifically instructed yahoo to retain my domains. I also got three respective emails from Melbounre IT which were timed out and the links given did not work. Now I understand that my webdeveloper cannot work on my website for www.telltem.com because the dns must be redirected. However I have no idea where my domains are and how to do the redirection. Yahoo do no longer answer my emails even though they still hold the 411.86USD I pid for the hosting and the domains. So I cannot get any help or assistance out of yahoo neither can I get my refund. How can I get my website going? Anyone can help to get this sorted out. In principle I prefer to transfer my domains to inmotion hosting as I really do not understand why they should be in Australia when the hosting is in the USA. I look forward to hearing from somebody who can resolve this urgently. Thank you.
Hello expertwanted, and thanks for your question. Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your domains. Unfortunately it sounds like you'd need to somehow contact Yahoo, or login to your account with them in order to point your domains to another name server, or to transfer your domain registration to another Registrar. Currently your telltem.com domain for example is pointed to the name servers: YNS1.YAHOO.COM YNS2.YAHOO.COM If you wanted you could read our guide on transfer your domain name to InMotion Hosting which covers how to initate a domain transfer. But unfortunately if Yahoo is not responding to you, and you can't login to some interface where you can change either your domain's name servers, or get the domain authorization key to begin the transfer process, then your domains would be held up at that point. You might be able to contact Melbourne IT directly to have them release your domain from Yahoo's control, at which point you could directly transfer it to InMotion from them if Yahoo is failing to respond to you. Your developer could also modify the hosts file of their computer, if they wanted to begin developing on your website hosted on our server. However for everyone on the Internet to get your domain name to resolve to our server, the issues with your domain Registrar would need to be straightened out. Please let us know if you had any other questions at all! - Jacob