Stable WordPress Hosting for New Launch

  • Answered
We are about to launch a new site for Cultural Parners as We are using WordPress and have taken speed and security precautions such as using Better WordPress Security as well as caching / minify plugins. We are concerned, as anyone would be, about stable wordpress hosting.

We expect to have a surge of traffic when the site goes live. As the site developer, I would like to know if there are any other suggestions you have to ensure that our site under your hosting will be stable and can handle a spike in traffic. The site is currently password protected but that will be lifted in a few days.

Thanks for your time.
Hello, Thank you for your question on stable WordPress hosting.It sounds like you are already doing the right things with caching, security, and minification. My recommendation would be to monitor the server loads carefully to ensure that you are not spiking too high via the Resource Usage tool. In the event that you are using a large amount of resources, I recommend upgrading your account to a higher plan such as a VPS or dedicated server to better handle the load. While we won't know how your site will be affected until it is launched, keeping an eye on things as early as possible will certainly help.