WordPress Login Temporarily Disabled error

  • Answered
Getting the WordPress Login Temporarily Disabled error when logging in. I get this about every few weeks and it is very frustrating - what can I do to stop this?
Hello, and sorry for the troubles. If you were getting your WordPress admin dashboard temporarily disabled, this would mean that our security rules kicked in to block against a WordPress brute force attack. We apologize for the inconvenience, these global attacks are no fun for anyone involved. We offer quite a few solutions in order to prevent our internal security rules from temporarily blocking your access. The main thing is you want to implement your own security on your WordPress install itself, so that our server doesn't have to step in and block access in the event of another attack. The easiest to implement if you can login to WordPress at the moment, would be to change the WordPress admin URL with the HC Custom Admin URL plugin. This plugin allows you to hide the default admin login URL from malicious bots so that they can't keep trying to slam your admin, triggering our server security rules. If you are temporarily blocked out of your WordPress admin still, I'd recommend that you setup a secondary WordPress password in your .htaccess file. This would prevent any bots from hitting your real WordPress admin page. Then you just need to wait 15 minutes for our security rules to un-block access to the admin, then attempt to access your dashboard as normal, but this time you'll be prompted for the secondary password you setup. If you use cPanel to review your WordPress login attempts, you can see that you've had several IP addresses recently trying to POST login attempts to your admin dashboard. That is why our security rules temporarily blocked access to the WordPress admin, to ensure malicious users didn't break in without your knowledge. Sorry again for the issues, and if you're still having any issues at all, please let us know. - Jacob