Can I allow .zip, .cdr, .psd, .pdf or other file type downloads?

  • Answered
I want to set up my site for download of zipped files. With the Admin panel when I tried to upload a .cdr or .psd or .zip it says "Invalid File Type". How can I allow these types?
There is a very good extension for this called "All File Types"
By setting correct MIME extension the user can upload any file format through Image manager
Hello, The option to set these file types can be found in the Admin under System>Settings>Server. You'll see allowed file extensions. This will allow you to set the allowed extensions for upload. This is what I'm seeing in OpenCart 1.56. If you're in an older version, it may be in Admin>System>Settings>Option tab (per this OpenCart forum post). If you require further assistance, please provide us further details and we would be happy to help. Regards, Arnel C.