Can't login to Wordpress after changing the folder of my website

  • Answered

after changing the folder of my website, I'm having troubleshooting loging into my wordpress account.

We worked on this during about 2 hours with Nick from the chat support and he finally told me to contact you saying it should be a wordpress problem :
"There are a seemingly endless number of third party scripts and programs on the market today. Since these tools change often and new ones are released almost every day, it is simply not possible for our Support Department to offer in-depth support for all of them. When you have questions that are not within the scope of what our Support Department can assist with, our Customer Community Team may be able to help. "

Thanks for your help,

Hello Isabelle, Thank you for contacting us. I first recommend reviewing our step-by-step guide on Moving a WordPress Installation to a folder Different Location to ensure you have followed the correct procedures. If your problems persist we are happy to help, but will need more specific information, such as: Are you getting an error? What is the full error message? What steps have you already completed? Can you provide a link to the website, so we can replicate the error? If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul