Android email client instructions don't work

  • Answered
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone. I've tried setting up e-mail using your instructions, but get a 'unable to connect to server' error when using I've tried using IMAP, also without success. I tried the specific "How to setup email on a Galaxy S phone" instructions, using both IMAP and POP settings, trying server settings of '' '' and just '' as your instructions indicate, all with no success.
Hello, thank you for your question. I've gone ahead and replaced your domain with in this post, as this is a public Q&A page and I wanted to ensure your privacy. Two common errors you might get when trying to access email from our server on your Android device would be: Alert | Unable to connect to email server to verify your account information. No response from server - In this case the information you have typed into the server field is either incorrect, or your phone can't establish a connection to the server for some other reason. Setup could not finish | Incorrect user name or password - This error is pretty much as it sounds, either the user name or password being sent to the server are being denied for being incorrect. Some things to possibly look out for when you first create an email account such as [email protected] on your Android device: When you click Manual setup button as mentioned in our setup email on a Galaxy S phone guide on step 2, then select IMAP account you'll need to change the User name back to your full email address as it would have been stripped down to just user instead of what our server is expecting [email protected]. You also want to remove imap. in front of your domain from the IMAP server section. That should ensure that you're using the proper user name, as well as server. Also of course also double-check and make sure that you are in fact entering in your email account's password correctly. If you're still having any problems at all, please let us know if you're receiving either of the errors mentioned above or possibly even another one. - Jacob