I can not make a table '01010101010101Cs' in schema 'citizen' .

  • Answered
About MySQL Database:
CREATE TABLE `citizen`.`01010101010101Cs` (
`CitizenName` VARCHAR(120),
`Father'sName` VARCHAR(120),
`Mother'sName` VARCHAR(120),
`CitizenPhoto` LONGBLOB,
`CitizenEducation` VARCHAR(1000),
`Punishment` VARCHAR(1000),
`Profession` VARCHAR(120),
`WorkStation` VARCHAR(120),
PRIMARY KEY (`CitizenId`)
How can it be fixed? Please help me.
Hello Ziaurr, Thanks for the question! The main reason you can't do that, is because the schema isn't a database you can use to add a table. If you want an analogy, the schema is to the database like a floorplan is to a house. It maps out the structure of the database like a floorplan provides a map to the structure of a house. So how do you add a table? First, you need to create a database using MySQL databases in your cPanel. Then you can go into phpMyadmin in cPanel to create a table. You can also use phpMyadmin for importing or exporting tasks. I hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction. Again, you will not be able to create a table in the schema. If you require further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.