WHMCS link to WordPress

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How can I link WHMCS to my WordPress site for my customers because I have installing the WHMCS plugin but is asking for "WHMCS URL" from my reseller account where to I get this info or URL to link to my site for customers will be able to make domains orders?

Hello again jirehboard, Sorry it sounds like you were unable to find information so far showing you how to link to WHMCS and the products you have setup there. All you need to do is login, then navigate to the top-right menu for Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services. Next you'll want to click the Edit icon beside the product you'd like a link for on the far right. Finally navigate to the Links tab and you'll be presented with the various links to that product that you can place on your WordPress site. If you want you customer's to be able to purchase domain names, then navigate to Utilities > Integration Code and grab the code for the Domain Availability Lookup and Domain Ordering as well. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob