SERVFAIL on nameserver change

  • Answered
I am trying to move my domain from another host to InMotion hosting.
I have created an addon domain through cPanel and uploaded html files etc.
But when I try to change the nameservers, I get the following response:
Error: Answer from primary nameserver: "" SERVFAIL [,NS,IN].

What does this mean? What am I doing wrong?
Hello HenrikLSP, Thank you for your question. The error can occur when there is a connectivity issue between the source and the nameserver when verifying the information. This is not a normal thing and should be short lived. You can try again immediately or wait a few minutes and try again. Our nameservers are definitely up and running, so I would guess there could be some interference along the route somewhere. Be sure that you are entering the correct information when pointing your domain to us. You can find our nameserver names and their corresponding IPs in this article. Kindest Regards, Scott M