Installing new theme for a store active yet.

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Hello ,
I have a store with Opencart . The shop is active.
There are about 120 products entered, settings shipments and payments already made and the different modules that are already installed ( Seo , Footer , Filter, etc ) . I currently use the default theme for Opencart .
I wanted to know if i install a new theme:
- Loss of the products entered and technical data sheets .
- Loss indexing on Google
- Loss or conflicts with extensions already installed
In general, I wanted to know if the installation of the new theme for a store already working creates problems.
There are some recommended steps that must be done before installing the new theme to avoid the problems that I have written above or additional problems ?
Thank you in advance
Hello, Thanks for the question. As far as I know, there is no loss of data or search criteria with Google UNLESS it's changing your URL. In terms of conflicts, you will need to check this with the maker of the theme. There many, many extensions that can already be added to OpenCart. Making a blanket statement about the effect of changing a theme and if it affects all the functionality of these plugins and OpenCart is unfortunately not something we can definitively answer. My advice is that you back up your site and database completely, then try loading the theme. If it presents a problem with your site after that, then you can determine if it works for you,. If not, restore the site to it's original configuration. Search engine values are based on the URLs and other various factors, but typically, as long as your URL stays the same and the content stays the same, then your SEO should not be affected. I hope this helps to clarify some of your question. You may need to contact the author of the template, or go to the OpenCart Forum. Regards, Arnel C.