When clicking on an old webpage link it goes no where

  • Answered
Hi - I just changed my blog name/domain from ridingnycwithamy.com to ridingcoastal.com . When I click on a former blog post link in Facebook it does not redirect the link to that post.

How can I fix this?

Hello Amy, Sorry for the problems with the re-direct! I took a look at your account and fixed the issue. The problem was related to the re-direct that you created. Since you wanted everything FOLLOWING the "ridingnycwithamy.com" domain to redirect using the new domain name of "ridingcoastal.com", you needed to create the re-direct as a wildcard redirect. I changed it and now all of the redirects should be working. I tested this after my change to make sure it was working. I hope that helps to clarify the problem. Check out our article on creating re-directs if you require further information on the subject. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Kindest regards, Arnel C.