Disable Add A Block

  • Answered
Every time I try to edit my course "Add A Block" pops up, making a new 3rd column on the right with nothing else in it, and it helpfully says: "There are no blocks you can add to this page". So, if there are none, I do not need it. Could it not at least appear in the left column with the other blocks? This is exasperating because I cannot see my content properly unless I move it to the left every time I do anything. Make it go away!
Hello, Thank you for your question. I looked for a solution on the Official Moodle Forums and this may be related to permission settings. One of the recommendations was to check the permissions (you have to be logged in to the moodle forum to access this): "It's most likely a permissions issue, within the course that's a problem go to the settings block then Users->Permissions. You'll need to check the manager in question has the "Manage blocks on a page" capability for that course." Also, Enabling Error reporting in moodle, may help gather more specific information, as per the cause. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul