Can apply parked domains concept between different domains.

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Can apply parked domains concept between different host domains .different host domains means it should be in two different hosting account places like in this scenario can we apply parked domain concept. ex is my own domain its hosted in my canel and and other domains domains it is at differents cpanel account or some other account and empty domain also.
Hello Kiranbabu, You may park domains on your cPanel even if they are registered at other registrars. They do, however, need to be pointed to our name servers in order for the domains to be able to park on your account. Kindest Regards, Scott M
Unfortunately, as the files will need to be read locally on the server, you would not be able to set a parked domain to be able to read from a different account. You would need those files to reside within the same server. While a parked domain could not be set up, you could still redirect to another site without changing the URL if you would like to. An article on that can be found at the following: How to redirect a domain without changing the URL