WordPress sites all of a sudden stopped working

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I have three wordpress sites on my server. I have previously sent a support request for but with no response. All of a sudden all three without us changing anything started giving 404 errors on all the pages. This is not happening to my identical wordpress sites on another host. Can you please help!


burnfree.com - only the wordpress part as it has wordpress and magenta installed in the same database


the main domain on the account is notyourmamasoptics.com

Please help! This is my second request!!!!

Hello, As I am unable to access the internals of the account, I can only give a best guess at this point. What I suggest is to enter the admin area of the WP sites and set the PermaLinks to default and save the settings. Once done, you can change them back to what they were and save them again. This may take care of the issue. If this does not, you will need to contact our Live Support Team so they can take a look at the account internally. Kindest Regards, Scott M.