Internal Server Error 500 still occurring after talking with Support

  • Answered
I keep getting "Internal Server Error 500" on even on wordpress login page. I been thru Support for 3 days now and I have do all the steps. Disable theme & plugins, check the .htaccess file, check for file permissions, php.ini was check. nothing still Error 500 problem.

Support gave me an error: that has not helped either.
Premature end of script headers: index.php, referer:

Got any suggestions?
Hello Lamarl, Sorry to hear that you've been having persistent issues with the WordPress site. From what I understand you were working with a support tech who called over Scott (my team mate on the Community Support center crew). Several of us were working on it, and it appears that the issue is fixed. Your website is working. It does appear that the issue was a result of the Magic Quotes setting which is now commented out in the PHP.INI file. The problem appears related to the upgrade of PHP on your VPS. A widescale change of this nature affects the PHP.INI settings that affect the operations of applications like WordPress. The PHP.INI file is a critical file typically located within application installations and also on the server files for a website. The current PHP.INI that is active is within your WordPress installation. Let us know (by replying here), if you're still seeing an issue. We'd happy to assist. Regards, Arnel C.