add paypal to opencart

  • Answered
I added the PayPal Payments Standard extension and followed the directions, I thought. I went to my shopping cart and tried to place an order.
At checkout I get an error at Step 4: Delivery Method. My customers will be selecting the shipping method at the PayPal site, not in OpenCart.
1.) How do I eliminate step 4 and have my customer proceed directly to PayPal for payment and shipment delivery method selection?
2.) How do I add the PayPal button to my site?
Hello Medalfranz, Thanks for the question. The standard Paypal extension will not give you the functionality you're looking for. It only allows payments to be made through PayPal. If you want to have Paypal directly ON our site, you will need to get an extension - which is usually not free. You can see one here: Paypal extension. You may want to take a look at the different available plugins, the one I'm showing provides the answer to both of your questions. I hope that helps to clarify the issue. Please let us know if you continue to have any further questions. Regards, Arnel C.