Upgrade Prestashop to the latest version

  • Answered

After transferring my website I cant log in to admin panel nor as user. Could your team upgrade to the latest version in order to correct this error. I have try using different explorers and clearing cache and nothing works. My website works perfectly on Ipage nor Inmotion.

Im very desperate because is a Production environment and I am loosing a lot of sales.

One of your partners install the original installation core files of Prestashop (what I have) and it works but some custom functionalities were lost so I undo the changes to the original backup of the website transfer and I am still cant log in.

My ticket of this issue is:
{100-1661425} Urgent PROD environment: Could not login as admin on Prestashop

My ticket of the website transfer is:
{100-1657677} Re: Website Transfer Requirements - InMotion Hosting, Inc.
It does appear that we previously fixed your issues as you had errors within your core Prestashop files. We would not be able to fully perform your upgrade for you, however, Prestashop does have excellent documentation on performing a manual update of your core files. You may find that documentation at the following: Manually upgrading Prestashop