Unable to set up Web Disc Access using Apple OS 10.9

  • Answered
I am trying to set up a web disc access and get to a drop down menu on the screen for web disc access which has apple OS version 10.4 through 10.8, but no 10.9 option. How can I set up web disc access on my mac which has OS 10.9?
Unfortunately, cPanel has not yet updated their automatic setup script for OSX 10.9, but you can still connect using the manual setup instructions which are quite simple. As I see that you did contact support and were verified, I also fully enabled WebDAV within your server as well. You will be able to connect over HTTP without any problems, but it appears that WebDav over HTTPS was broken within OSX Mavericks, so HTTPS will be a bit problematic. I have located a workaround for it, but it will require some adjustment of core files within Mac OSX. To connect over HTTP, be sure to change the port from 2078 to 2077 as well.