Why was my email suspended?

  • Answered
Why would a business host shut down someones email. That they have had for over 10 years. Would they not understand that its important to someones business? I use to talk good about inmotion but from now on I will not promote or recommend in motion hosting. I cannot do background checks that are due tomorrow because they shut down my site. I can kiss that account goodbye!!!!!! Thanks inmotionhosting
While I cannot provide any specifics to your account over this public forum, there can be instances that some services may become suspended at times to prevent you or any other users on the server from overloading the server and causing it to become inoperable for everyone. As we monitor the servers 24/7, we may be required to suspend one a particular account so that it does not cause all accounts on the server to become unavailable. Just as you would not want someone else on the server to cause your site to go down, it can be possible that we suspend your account if it is using excessive resources to avoid other accounts from becoming unavailable. For exact details on your account, I recommend contacting support via phone or ticket in which our technical support team will be happy to further assist you.