Home Page Doesn't Work

  • Answered
We were editing our website on friday and i guess something got deleted or altered (www.chiselco.net) after geeting back to work on monday we noticed it wasnt working all the other pages of the website work just fine just not the front page it shows up blank. Not sure what to do to fix this another page is (http://www.chiselco.net/streaming-audio-video)
Hello, sorry to hear you're having some issues with your website. From what I can tell looking at the Developer Tools in Google Chrome by pressing F12 and going to the Network tab, it looks like you have quite a few resources that are causing 404 error not found errors. It looks like the path to most of these files is getting appended onto the end of the file name, which is more than likely causing it to 404 and not load properly. For instance it looks like this image is trying to be loaded on your home page:
However, it's actually getting called with this malformed URL:
If you notice, it looks like it's putting http://www.chiselco.net/web/20130928203736cs_/ at the beginning of the URL, and then appending the full image path onto the end as well causing a invalid request. You might want to take a look at changing the WordPress WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL settings to ensure things are pointed to the proper paths. If that doesn't work for you, was there any recent changes that you had made before having these problems? Such as installing a new theme, any new plugins, or changing and URL settings? - Jacob