Stop the pop-ups on our website

  • Answered
I am getting a report that a popup for NON Union Carpenters have been popping up. I can not replicate it, I'm thinking my browser is blocking it on my computer. Can I do anything to stop it from popping up on other computers through the server?

James Mantooth
Hello James, Sorry to hear about the problems on your website. I took some time to look at your home page and a few of your other files, but I'm not seeing anything amiss. If there were any hacked files we would generally find it in specific files of your website. However, this does not mean that something isn't wrong. We need more information. If you can please provide the information on how to duplicate the issue, then we would be happy to track down the cause. If you find that the site has been hacked, you can also reference our I think website has been hacked article for your next steps. Remember that it's also very possible that the problem maybe at the computer that's accessing the site. If you are repeatedly unable to duplicate the issue on other computers, then that may be the case. Right now, we are unable to find an issue on the website, but if you can determine how to duplicate the issue we would be glad to investigate it further for you. Kindest regards, Arnel C.