site hacked and will be reindexed by google

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I received an email the following email:
Your site is hacked and selling fake beats by dre
Here is the url:
Patch the loophole and delete the page, or you will be deindexed by Google.

Amazon Counterfeit Team

Is this a legitimate email and what should I do about it?
Thanks - Pam
Hello Pam, While I cannot speak to the legitimacy of the email, going to that URL does indeed appear to be a page that is selling headphones from your site. I went in and quarantined the code so it will no longer function. In checking the site itself, I did notice that there were several other files with the same timestamp on them, meaning they were also compromised. You will most definitely want to refresh your site with the latest version to avoid any compromises. Also, please follow our guide to website security so you can make your site more secure against any future compromises. Kindest Regards, Scott M