I can't log in to a website that changed to using WordPress

  • Answered
The website is Prospect Insider. The site changed to WordPress during the past six months. When I try to log in using my old username and password, I get a message telling me the username is invalid. (Apparently my information did not migrate successfully to WordPress?) I tried signing up under a different name, and have gotten emails at my Gmail address (my other Frontier email addresses were not accepted) for creating a password under that new name, and when I try the links they don't work. I have had all sorts of problems with sites telling me my email addresses are invalid. Not sure what to do at this point. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. John Evans
Hello John, and thank you for your question. If this website is one that you own, then you should be able to reset your WordPresss admin password a few different ways. The way I typically recommend is using phpMyAdmin to pull up your WordPress database, select your wp_users table, click Edit beside your administrator user, type in your new pass in the user_pass field, and then selecting MD5 from that field's drop-down, and finally clicking Go at the bottom to save the new password. If you do not have admin access to the server, and are just a member of the website. Then you will need to get in contact with the website owner to review any possible problems with your login. If you had any other questions at all, please let us know! - Jacob