Mediawiki upgrade to Dedicated server

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I plan to host a medawiki webiste. I am thinking of a VPS 1000 shared. Later i plan to upgrade it to dedicated server. Are there technical hurdles associated? Would a simple web hosting be enough initially? Please advise

Hello Web-Enthusiast,

Thank you for your question today. There should not be any technical hurdles for upgrading amongst the shared, VPS, and Dedicated servers. They generally have the same base setup and can be customized (VPS and Dedi) from there.

For the most part, the type of hosting you require will depend on your traffic. Shared hosting, while having unlimited bandwidth, can be affected by the amount of traffic at once. Too much at once can affect the CPU and that will be the time when you want to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated. VPS, while technically shared, are much more powerful and have more dedicated resources. These do not have unlimited bandqwidth so as you begin to hit these limits you will know it is time to upgrade. Dedicated servers have no CPU limits as they are dedicated boxes for your account. You are then only limited by the bandwidth for your level of the dedicated server.

Many people start off on a Power business plan or a low level VPS and let their traffic build from there and dictate when it is time to upgrade.

One caveat of going with shared at first is the lack of control that you get with a VPS or Dedicated server. If you will need to have access to root level or modify things that cannot be done on shared, then you will want to choose a VPS or Dedicated server.

For the most part, however, beginning with a shared server is the route most people go. Upgrades can be done at any time and any monies paid thus far will carry over to the new plan so you do not lost any money that was spent.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M