Why Is My Drupal Site Loading Slowly?

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since some months I have problems with server speed. Having several Drupal sites, the maintaining takes ages because of very slow server reaction. What is the reason for this? I assume it cannot be at my side, since I don't do anything different than before when it was almost instant. I have also the same internet connection, my internet speed is otherwise absolutely OK, any other site works just fine and bandwidth tests are showing high speed.
Thanks for help!
I apologize for the previous link. Here is the link I intended to include:


I still recommend checking that you have optimized your Drupal database as well. Our How to Optimize Drupal guide will go over this in the second section.

If you continue to have trouble after this, please provide the results of your ping/trace test to [email protected]. This is the best next step for us to troubleshoot any slow loading websites.


I am sorry to hear that your websites are loading slowly. This can be very frustrating, and we strive to keep our websites and email loading as quickly as possible.

There are many different things that can cause websites to load slowly. Even if other websites are loading quickly for you, it is possible there could be a networking problem between your network and our network that is causing the problem. Running a ping/traceroute test and providing the results to our support department ([email protected]) will help determine if this is a possible cause.

Additionally, with regards to running Drupal, there are several steps you can take to optimize the website itself. This article will assist with some basic steps you can take within Drupal to improve the speed of your websites.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.