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I've used these guys for about 10 years now and they've always been SO AWESOME! But I'm just wondering if this company recently got taken over or something? Or on it's way out? B/c In the last 2 weeks, I've had 2 such bad experiences with support reps who were flagrantly and openly inept. Anyone else?
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Poor service quality
I have space with your company and use Moodle to deliver class content to high school students.

I left bluehost because I was getting below average performance with browsers timing out a lot.

I am a high school teacher and run my Moodle to have students do most of the work online so uptime is very very important.

After a few months with your company I have to say I am very displeased with the service. It is not uncommon for my students to get no service to my website every day. This is bad especially when they are taking an online quiz.

I was sold on almost 100 percent uptime and I am not getting anywhere close to that. Although the site may be technically up most of the time, if I have more than five students hit the site at once it screeches to a hault.

Can something be done to get me better service? I don't want a dedicated host but I feel my shared host should be able to handle 12 students taking quizzes and I am currently not getting that.

Worst services possible
How many people are experiencing poor service from inmotionhosting ? When I first signed up for their service to host our business server, the web says it is unlimited disk space. But once our server start using more than 10G, they moved our web site to some other server they claim supports larger accounts. Since then, the service is so bad I have to call daily to see what is doing on. All support can tell me is the server is experiencing heavy load. We can’t send or receive emails and our business web site of course is down. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there is no one on duty and I have to write. They suggested that I upgrade my service to a dedicated server.

I feel like this is a bait and switch where Inmotionhosting is falsely advertising their service of unlimited storage and then move you to a server where the service is so bad that you have to either upgrade or move to another provider.

Just wondering how many other people are experiencing this poor service as I don’t know how they can claim that satisfaction guaranteed. If you are thinking of hosting your service with Inmotionhosting, read the fine print as they will also suspend your account if the server takes up “too much” CPU.
I've been on hold for almost 30 min now... still holding
inmotionhosting bad service and bad support
inmotionhosting is bad service and bad support

why blocked my ip?
Tim S.
Hello jameox, Thank you for your comment regarding your hosting account. We can't discuss specifics of your hosting account in a public forum. I suggest you reach out to our Support Department and they will be able to provide you more information. How to get great tech support. Best Regards, Tim S
Hi Jenn, Sorry for the confusion, I took a look back at your account notes and see that you did have some issues with one of our support reps. However it's important to note that this wasn't JeffMa as he works with us back here in the Customer Community department. Our support role is a bit different than the standard support you'd call in or chat to, as we monitor our public support channels and work on guides for our support center. So Jeff was just doing his standard job of responding to a request here in our public Q&A section, and I don't see any mention of him working with your account previously, at least in our system. I definitely apologize for the lackluster support experience that you had. It's no excuse, but we are all human, and at times our support reps could be dealing with increased call/chat volumes and this can lead to incidents where the correct information is not relayed appropriately. All of us back here maintaining the documentation in our support center all worked standard support for some time, and we've had a great deal of success quickly helping customers by pointing them in the correct direction with documentation to solve their problem. Now this isn't full proof and unfortunately some times a link to the support center is given in haste without first fully understanding what the customer is having issues with. In some cases we've had customers leave us comments on the article they were sent to, letting us know the rep they just spoke with on the phone told them that article would fix their problem and it doesn't. We're glad to look further into the issue, see if the article can be updated to point in the right direction, or if it should be clearly taught to all of support that particular issue needs to be handled without documentation. With so much documentation, and so many support requests, it's a big project aligning our support time with this constantly evolving process. A great recent example of this was actually posted by Jeff back on 11/15 when there were some IMAP issues affecting Outlook2013 and Office 365. We had a flood of calls and chats because Microsoft updated their Office suite and worldwide started causing issues with email. If we were to spend time on the phone with all of Microsoft's customers explaining how to resolve this issue, we would have had extremely long wait times. Instead we documented a solution and then passed it onto customers contacting us about that problem to keep customers just having standard support requests from having to wait for support. This very issue could have possibly been the cause for the haste in your original support request due to the timing. Because even while we had documentation, a support rep would have had to field a much larger than normal number of calls, and there wasn't even a problem with our service, just a lot of angry calls from customer's that their Outlook email wasn't working, and Microsoft forced the update on them. I've alerted 2 members of management of your complaints, and they'll be responding back to your Manager feedback ticket today. If you had any suggestions for us on how we could do a better job at pointing customers in the right place to documentation, but knowing when to stop and treat the issue as a unique one please let us know as it's something we always strive to perfect. If you had any other questions at all for us, please let us know! - Jacob
I'm sorry to hear that you have had bad experiences. From taking a look at your acocunt, it does look like you were requesting coding support which is not something in the scope of what Technical Support is able to offer. I will, however, be happy to take a look and point you in the right direction of what you are trying to do if you would like to further explain the issues that you are having.
That's a pretty bold statement to say to this service. HOW in the world would you expect to run a high traffic websiteholding 10GB of space on a shared server-- AND expect it to serve pages quickly? Haven't you ever heard of a CDN? This isn't the server- it's the POOR DESIGN on your part. Crappily designed websites like yours are a drain on other people's websites. If your business is worthwhile, server costs are trivial. Get yourself a dedicated server and hire a real engineer. PEACE.

Disk space is unlimited on your account, however, if you are using a very large amount of data, your site will be moved to another server that is more suited to handle the large amount of data. This ensures that both your services, as well as the services of others are not problematic. Within any shared hosting environment, there are multiple individuals on the same server, sharing the same resources. Then one use is problematic by using too many resources, it can effect all users on the server. This is why things like load spikes happen. Of course, we do suspend users if they are causing issues for other individuals on the server, but it can take a moment to get the server load stabilized. The sole purpose of suspensions due to high load on the server is to keep all of the other users' sites up as much as possible. You may find more information on server loads at the following: Understanding Server Loads The email address that you received from the support representative is indeed correct. This email will be delivered to members of management who can fully review your complaint and provide further information and resolutions that our support team may not be able to do. I do recommend you contact them with any complaints as they are best suited to receive them.
Hello Krumble, We certainly want to help your site run as efficiently as possible. We do need a bit more information about your site so we can troubleshoot more effectively. Below are some questions that can help. Please answer as many of the questions as possible.
  1. What version are you currently using?
  2. Is this a base install only or is it an install with added plugins or modules?
  3. Which plugins/modules, if any:
  4. The exact nature of the issue (slow connection, 404 error, 500 error, generally slow load time, database connection error, etc)
  5. When does the issue occur? (every time, specific times of the day, after specific number of people are on the site, etc)
  6. When did the issue begin?
  7. Were any changes from your side (updates, code change, plugins, etc) made immediately prior to the issue?
  8. If the software supports it, is caching enabled?
Best Regards, Scott M