Website link from WP lost

  • Answered
Decided to change theme for WP design. Reintsalled WP. Worked on design. Today decided to delete via cpanel old version of website. Now can not link to webisite from WP - just get inmotion page. How do I relink WP to site?
Hello Devonman, Thanks for the question! If you removed your old website, but you're still running your WordPress site from the same physical location but with your original website URL, then you need to adjust your configuration to reflect the new location. Here's a good summary of the issue from WordPress: Changing the Site URL. We also have an article on moving Wordpress into a different locaton. If you're still having problems, please reply to this post with more information on the URLs that you're using and we can take a quick look at the issue. Regards, Arnel C.