cPanel and website are unavailable

  • Answered
I am trying to log into my cPanel account. It goes to username and password, when I clock login the page seems to load for a bit, but then an error comes up saying the webpage is unavailable.
We also redirected our domain name to point to the inmotion nameservers and now our website is down. When trying to access the following error message comes up:

Requested URL could not be retrieved; dnsserver returned no address records.

How can we fix this, quite urgent!

Hello Mario, When checking your site, I am currently able to access it as well as your cPanel without any issues. If you were unable to access your domain after pointing it to our nameservers, please keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for domain nameserver changes to propagate. Currently, I see that many individuals across the world are able to access your site. Are you still having issues accessing your site? A ping and traceroute could also provide us more information on your connection when reaching our servers as well. If you still cannot see your side, please provide us with one in a comment to this answer.