Looking to move to inMotion

  • Answered
We are currently hosted at LiquidWeb 1GB RAM VPS plan.
We have around 7 websites, which get very less traffic!
Normally, 1000-2000 unique visitors in total for the websites.

But LiquidWeb has failed to serve us, as the sites go down every day, 10-15 times.
And they give the reason as Im using too much resources and reaching max clients in Apache.

I dont want to hear such things after paying 60$ for a fully managed VPS server, so I have started looking for options.

Let me know, what you can offer me!
And can you do an auto transfer , since LiquidWeb is WHM and cPanel only.

I dont want to waste time transferring all sites all again.

Let me know asap as I need to take an immediate decision.
While your question is best suited for our sales team instead of this public forum, I'll be happy to provide you with as much information as I can. The amount of resources you will need greatly vary depending on how your site is developed and your specific code that is running on the site. If your previous host is stating that you need more resources available to you, I do recommend with going with something that has at least the same amount of resources as they have you, on and encourage you to go with more resources as it sounds like you may have a quite heavy site. Of course, as I cannot look into your old server with them, I can't provide you with any exact information on what may be going on it there, so this is just a generalization. Of course, the site, as well as server can also be tuned to allow for higher performance of the code that may be running on it. All of this, however, does depend on your individual situation and can vary greatly depending on the specific coding of the site. Regarding the transfer, as it is a cPanel to cPanel transfer, it can be done quite easily. The fastest way to do it would be to do a cPanel transfer by backing up the cPanel accounts in WHM on Liquidweb, and then restoring them here. While it is quicker to do it on your own, our website transfer team may also be able to perform this for you if you like. I strongly recommend contacting our Sales team at 888-321-HOST, through the live chat, or via email to [email protected] as they will be able to best assist you with locating and purchasing the best plan to fit your needs.