Correcting my image links

  • Answered
I'm building my page using Dreamweaver, then uploading to the site. I've got a basic problem: my links to images are still set to go to the folder on my computer where they had been stored while I was building the page. Is there an automatic way to have InMotion correct the links to a folder on their server, or will I need to edit each image link by code? Thanks for any help. I'm more than a little rusty on web page design.
Hello Debherter, Thanks for the question and sorry for the headaches you're dealing with in linking your images. Unfortunately, there is no "automatic" way to fix this kind of thing. The problem is that the images could be anywhere in your files and folders of the web server. It just depends on where you put them. It's standard for website developers/designers to replace the links in their code. When you design a site on your local computer, the resources on the web server would be different. Adobe does provide a tool in Dreamweaver for fixing links. You can see that documentation here. We also have some an article on good practices for creating links: Effective Use of Links. I hope that helps to provide you the answers you need. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.