Add Sale icon to multiple products at one time

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We are running a sale for a limited period on 1000+ items. Is there a way to add the Sale icon to multiple products or do you have to do this on a per item basis. I ask as this could take a long time to do over a 1000 products.
I note you can do multi products if you use the discount icon.

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Hello Nick,

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, I can't determine WHICH ecommerce program you're referring to based on the information you have provided. Are you working in something like OpenCart, PrestaShop, or osCommerce? We need more information in order to determine the program you're actually using, please. Please provide more information and we would be happy to help. Note that you can also search the Support Center by keywords. Try typing "sale icon" and see if the listed articles give you the answer that you need.

Arnel C.