Extension with Company Dashboard and team access in Joomla

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Thank you very much for your Joomla ACL tutorials.

I have spent most of one day searching for a Joomla extension which can fulfill our requirements for a special user group at our web portal. We have build a dash board for individual users using different Joomla extensions and this is working well. Now we need to establish a dash board for companies so each company have its own company account. One person from the company will signup to the company account and when done this person shall be able to invite from the dashboard via an Joomla system email other staff members to join the company account. They will received a link in this email which will take them to the company staff registration form. Signing-up and geting their own password they will hereafter be able to access the company account.

I have looked at several potential extensions but either are they not suitable or the one which meet our requirements are the social communities Joomla extensions which have so many functions which we don't need and most of all, they are copies of Facebook more or less. We don't want this to look or work like Facebook.

If we are able to find an Joomla extensions which will handle the company registration and the company account where several staff members can join as described above then we are sure we can build the rest.

I hope some one can point us in a right direction.

Thanks and best regards,
Hello Jason,

Thank you for your question. Currently we are unaware of an extension that meets your criteria. If we do happen to discover one as we search we will certainly let you know and post it here for everyone. Likewise, if you also find one, please let us know as well as it may also help others with the same requirements as you.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M