Understanding TimeZones on my server

  • Answered
How can I tell what timezone my server is set to?

Can I change my server's timezone?

What time is it currently on my server?

Do all processes use the server's timezone? For example, does
* php
* apache
* mysql
.... all use the server's timezone? If i change the timezone for mysql, will it affect php / apache?
Hello LuvApril, Thanks for the question! The Server timezone can be typically be determined by running a simple "date" command in SSH. This would only be available in VPS or dedicated server accounts. Typically, by default, your website code, Apache webserver, and MySQL server will be based on the server's time zone. The data centers for InMotion Hosting are located either on the east coast or on the west coast, so the time zones will normally be either EST or PST. Can this be changed? Yes, but there a number of ways to change the timezones. It will depend on how you want to do it. Here are a few articles that relate to changing the time zone: If you need to find your server's technical information, you can go to view account technical information in AMP. If your server is in the east coast data center, you will see the "EC" in front of the server name. If you're on a dedicated server, it will be in the West Coast data center. I hope this helps to clarify the issue! Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.